As I look back on this video, made 6 years ago, I can see why I have #Haters and I am okay with that. Some people need to learn how to embrace another woman’s beauty instead of always hating all the time. What is wrong with complementing one another instead of bad mouthing them? What does that really say about you as a person?

I’m not going to even lie… if you say something positive to me, I will reciprocate that back and give a few compliments just to brighten up your day and if you’re being a “Negative Nancy” then whew child, this mouth gets real disrespectful real quick. 9 times out of 10, I try to stay to myself because the virgo in me be wanting to come out like Venom from Spiderman but no man nor woman can make me lose everything I’ve built… and believe me when I say “I have A LOT to lose!” 💯💯

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