About KB

KB was born in the heart of Savannah GA and raised in South Florida where she has 2 brothers on her mother’s and an unknown number of siblings on her father’s side. KB currently has 4 children of her own, 2 girls and 2 boys. Her oldest daughter graduates in the year 2021. I hope I didn’t give away KB’s age, hehe. 


~KB Zodiac Babies~



The oldest diva of 4, smart, educated, photogenic, and quite Cancer. 

  • “KiKi”
  • 1st Oldest Child

The first son, the over protector, very well known and an out-going Lil Leo.

  • “Cj”
  • 2nd Oldest Child

The baby of them all, loves to game, talks about technology, crazy about his mama but a kept to himself Capricorn.

  • “Dubby”
  • Last Child of KB

The baby girl, spoiled rotten, speaks her mind, tells you what, and how it is but is straight to the point. This Virgo doesn’t play.

  • “Tuttah”
  • Baby Girl

kb’s. virgo. life.