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Anybody that knew Jordan also knew me as “Jordan Big Sis.” Because I was 6 years older than him and I had a name for myself already, made me roll my eyes every time I heard it. I am known as KB. This had been my name as a child. I threw “DaVirgo” behind my name in 2016. I felt like my brother’s friends could have respected the fact that I was older than him and called me KB but I just went with it. Growing up in our household consisted of me, Jerome, and Jordan. Of course, I was the oldest, being 5 years older than Jerome. Jerome and Jordan were about a year apart in age. They were the closest growing up and they were boys. I was the loaner up until the boys became teenagers. From teens to preadults, me and Jordan were the closest. We didn’t hang outside, go to the movies or anything, but we spent time in the house joking on people and on Facebook. At that time, Facebook was just coming out but we had that in common. We were the jokesters in my mom’s house. I guess you can say we got that from our mother. She was strict and didn’t play with kids… nobody kids… and those same kids of today can tell you that. But mom used to tell us stories about how she was in her teenage/preadult days and said we got our sense of humor from her. That was a good thing as that is what made the 3 of us bond the way we did. As crazy as it seems, I would do anything just to see him or get a text from him that usually said “Hey Kendra” again.

So I decided to dedicate a page on my website just for my brother for others to remember him for who he was. With his birthday coming up on April 10, you will be able to leave a personalized message. I also have a book coming out on August 15 called “What Happened To Jordan”. You will be able to download the book after purchasing it. To read the free version on WattPad, you can click here and that version is only a few chapters. I am working on other merchandise to be released soon as it will be regarding Jordan.

From every order, half of the proceeds will be going to my nephew, Jordan Jr. as he is the only child of Jordan Sr.

To pre-order the book, click here.

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This video is one of the only videos I can find at the moment that has my brother speaking. I don’t care what the video consists of or what he is saying in the video, my brother was enjoying life and was alive!!

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This case is still unsolved. It’s a shame that nobody came forth with my brother’s case with any information and the mf detective haven’t done his job either to attempt to solve this case… We just want peace and justice to be served on behalf of Jordan and this family.



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