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Hey ya’ll, I’m KB DaVirgo, owner of this site. I decided to create this site because I noticed that I was spending all my time on other social media platforms (Facebook, IG, SnapChat, Twitter, etc.) and decided to create my own and promote traffic to my site. I feel like I’m my own celebrity anyways so in my head why not. 🙄 This forum is called “KB Petty Talk” for a reason. You can be yourself or remain anonymous with your topic creations. So spill the tea ☕ sis!

There is a main post asking for topic ideas… Please speak ya mind and/or post a topic, it really doesn’t matter what it is, bad employment, ppl being weird & petty af, your ex with the bs, your neighbor’s barking dog, a mf popped ur tires, weird ppl who you had kids with, or just strange beef with dumb a$$… imma post that ish..spill the tea sis!! ☕ ☕ 🤣 🤣

Thank you for joining KB Petty Talk!! Happy 2023 New Year! 🍾

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