Today was straight and overall a great day… work wasn’t so stressful for once but these new contractors we have signed up under my company need to really tighten the phuck up… like frfr. These mf will beg for a job, and we go thru all that onboarding and get them registered, just for them to drop the course or miss the first day, and that gets them kicked out of the program… bffr but thats not my damn problem rn.

It’s beeen 5 months since you went awayyyyy – lemme stop the cap right nai. 🤣 Its been 3 months since I had a mani pedi.. i really need to see these ppl. I’ve been keeping up with my own pedi but its something about the way they touch your feet that feels relaxing… to other people cuz my ass me on the floor. 🤣 Yes my mutha phuckin ass is ticklish a*s phuck.

On the plus side, im going on 1 year next month i let my hair lock up.. ion know if its the best ideal or the worst because i still be trying to wear other hair styles especially lace wigs and i dont want it to look like my ass have on a cap or some sh!t. 🤣 but its good to be locked because when its time to get, all i have to do is slick my edges down, grab my purse and go!

These kids keep trying me. I’m to the point where i am about to say ftk on everything but i literally have 4 more years until my baby is a grown child or baby adult, 🤣 whatever works. but when 2027 gets here i’ll be financially free of everything.. kids and all.. it’ll be ftk season for life!!



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