Please read this! Having depression is no joke!!

research depression;— the more you understand the symptoms of depression the less it will come between you

recognize that “numbness” is a key symptom of depression;— this means they may struggle to engage with things, be unresponsive at times and unable to get joy out of things so if they don’t appear uplifted by a gift you’ve given them this doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate it

don’t try to “fix” them;— supporting them is great but healing is complex and takes time. when appropriate encourage seeing a therapist but don’t take on this role yourself

if they breakdown over something “small” acknowledge they’re likely “depression tired”;— this isn’t just being physically tired but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually tired. fighting depression drains you of all your energy

ask and learn about their triggers;— this can be challenging but once you know them you’ll be more enable to work together against them

be patient with them;— depression doesn’t disappear overnight. just because one has “good days” doesn’t mean it has disappeared

don’t force a “date night”;— when their symptoms have set in, of course date nights are important but when depression strikes being in a “controlled” or “safe” environment is essential

remind them how much you love them regularly;— living with depression is like living with a bully in your mind that constantly tells you that you’re worthless & a burden. reassurance can help decrease their attachment to these negative thoughts.

when they seem distant, don’t take this personally;— it doesn’t mean they’ve “checked out” of your relationship or they’ve stopped caring. it just means their symptoms have taken over during this period.

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