The Truth About CPN’s & How To Use It


The Truth About CPN’s & How To Use It

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This process is an easy one! This PDF explains what is a CPN, how CPN’s are made, and why CPN’s work!!
People looking to repair their credit may come across an option known as a credit privacy number (CPN). Companies that sell these numbers offer them as a solution to hide bad credit information or bankruptcies. But how exactly does a CPN work? 
And is it even legal? 
Key Takeaways
A CPN is a nine-digit number that’s formatted like a Social Security number (SSN).

1 review for The Truth About CPN’s & How To Use It

  1. Tiffany McWarren

    Okay I couldn’t help it and I should brought the bundle but I brought this book and it gives you step by step guide on building a CPN… So far its good and shows you how to get around the bureau’s to get approved for credit cards and stuff like that. I haven’t indulged yet but I will let ya’ll know!

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